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Companies are constantly growing, however, how sustainable is that growth? Is your company trying to list and are all supporting processes, policies and procedures ready? Have you mitigated all risks to ensure confidence with your shareholders? 

We’ve helped our Clients in different stages of development from acquisition, to preparing to list. We ensure that your Company is not only ready for change, but put in measures in place to control the change. Our methodology is based on the following:

  • Understanding the right problem (root cause)
  • Measuring and obtaining data to validate risks
  • Analysing the data to support the findings
  • Re-designing processes, policies and procedures
  • Control, manage and implement the change

Our Clients have come to us in order to help them manage the risk in:

  • Preparation for listing on SET or MAI
  • Shareholder confidence
  • Process and documentation
  • Capital leakage and governance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Human Capital

This is managed through the following service lines: