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Outsource accounting is using an accounting firm to perform part or all of your company’s accounting function. It is most commonly used by smaller companies who cannot afford a full in-house accounting function or by subsidiaries of international companies who are not familiar with local regulations and procedures in Thailand. However, increasingly, larger companies are seeing the benefit of outsourced accounting.

Using an accounting outsourcer means you don’t have to worry when senior staff are away or leave, as the outsourcer will always have staff at the appropriate level to cover such situations. The outsource provider can also take away the more mundane parts of the accounting process, leaving your senior financial staff free to concentrate on the strategic issues affecting the business. 

Outsourcing is not as expensive as might at first be thought due to the economies of scale the outsource provider can take advantage of.

Baker Tilly Thailand has been providing outsource accounting services for many years and has an experienced dedicated team looking after a variety of clients. We look after part or all of our clients accounting needs and do so for a fixed monthly fee, so they can plan ahead their operating expenditures with certainty. We partner with our clients, giving them the benefit of the knowledge and experience not only of our firm in Thailand but also of the global Baker Tilly network.

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