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AI and the Human Future of Work

This talk by Stephen Griffiths at the college of knowledge event in Amsterdam explores the impact AI and technology will have on the Human Work Place, and what companies are currently doing in response to this. 

The interesting aspect about the video is not the impact predicted by the emergence of AI in the work place, but more on way companies are reacting to the potential disruption. While in the past companies have acted too slow to adapt to these emerging technologies, companies are now racing forward without paying enough attention to the Human Workforce. 

It is predicted in the coming years that AI technology will replace 30% of the current human capital by 2030. According to Stephen it is not a black and white transition between humans being replaced by machines, it is a transition in which the balance will simply shift over time. And while AI may seem scary it is in it's infancy, and the way AI solves real world problems is in specific discrete cases. We are still very far from being able to give AI the ability act more autonomously when jobs involve a high level of problem solving. In general it is the more rule based roles that follow strict guidelines that are in danger of being replaced. In the video Stephen mentions Accounting as being one of the strongest candidates for a shift to an AI dominated workforce.