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Baker Tilly Thailand has arguably been the most active Financial Advisor in the Non Performing Loan Market over the last 10 years. Understanding the clients needs (as is evident from the testimonials below) has allowed Baker Tilly Thailand to achieve exceptional results on every NPL Portfolio sale it has undertaken. 

“ My Board had no trouble selecting Baker Tilly Thailand as their NPL financial advisor based on their successful track record. The cost of using financial advisers is easily recouped by the increased prices offered by buyers. Personally, I like the seamless process and my staff are very comfortable with the personal yet professional manner that Baker Tilly approach the task.”

Chandrashekar Krishoolndmangalam | Chief Risk Officer | BAY

Capital Services Group

“I know when Baker Tilly are running a NPL auction the quality of information will be good. My clients appreciate the savings in due diligence time and costs. From a market perspective, once Baker Tilly is appointed we are confident that a sale will occur therefore my clients are happy to participate. The ability to ‘cherry pick’ corporate loans can also be attractive to my clients.”

John Sheehan | Managing Director, SE Asia | Capital Services Group

"Because of the quality of the Baker Tilly transactions and their historical success rate we know we are participating in a professional transaction”

Chookiat Jittimaitriskul | President | SAM